ES-1 Perimeter Edging Securement:


When bidding or ordering perimeter trim for a building project, you should realize that the current IBC building code requires that the perimeter metal be tested according to the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 test procedure. ( Gutters are not included in this requirement. )

The majority of states mandate that construction methods conform to the requirements of the IBC building code.

Whether or not your project specifications note and require ES-1 tested edgings, it is still a code requirement. With this in mind, Ultra Seam has tested a standard edging, coping, and gravel stop according to the requirements of the ES-1 test procedure. We have also tested snap together versions of the edging, coping, and gravel stop.

Ultra Seam has tech sheets that show all of the assemblies that have been tested. If you are ordering ES-1 compliant edgings, you will need to order from one of these styles. Please note that these have been tested with an 8” face. Smaller size face dimensions would inherently test as high or higher than the 8” size.

If, however, your requirements require a face larger than 8 inches, it could not be represented as an ES-1 tested profile. Please call us regarding situations that you might have that require a larger face size.

When required for bidding or submittals, we will be happy to furnish the appropriate verification that your proposed edging has been tested in accordance with the IBC / state code requirements.